Setup Information

OMGUSAGA is an ongoing longform webcomic flavored mafia game. When players join the game they create a custom character with a custom avatar and back story. Players manipulate how the story unfolds through classic mafia/werewolf style player actions and mechanics.

▣ Host 
Send all role or game related orders & actions to B.N3R7
Players can vote Here.

▣ Rules
No vote or post requirements.
Days / Nights = 168 hours (1week)
Player Info  revealed on flip.
Clues in flavor based on players avatars.

▣ Factions
There are 5 factions each with separate win conditions.

Town - Uninformed Majority -
Mafia - Informed Minority - Can kill players.
Werewolf - Uninformed Third Party - Can convert  players.
Vampire - Informed Third Party - Can raise the dead.
▣ Zombie - Can Infect players -

▣ Items
All items are 1 time use. No refunds.

Vest (block 1 kp) (1 gold)
Potion (cure a player) (2 gold)
Gun (1 kp) (2 gold)



▣ Elections
There are 4 elected power roles ( Sheriff / Mayor / Seer / MVP) that can use an action each day.
If a power role player is killed a new one is elected. Power roles can be resigned.

Sheriff can choose to lock 1 player up in jail (cannot use actions) 
Mayor can choose to pardon or execute 1 player in jail
Seer can check the faction of 1 player 1 time 
MVP Invulnerable

▣ Actions
Players gain +1 gold each cycle.
Players start off with no role but can choose to
perform one of two actions each cycle.

Shop (buy an item/role. can use on both day and night cycles)
Use Item (can use an item but only on night cycles)

▣ Graveyard
Dead players can no longer post in game.

▣ Players
Players may be added to the game or resurrected via game mechanics.
Game goes on until only 1 faction remain.